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About Us

Lináguas is a company that sells and installs water treatment equipment in wells and drills, as well as decalcification and deironing equipment for domestic and business use.

We also build concrete swimming pools and install pool kits. At Lináguas you'll find all the necessary material for the cleaning and maintenance of your Swimming Pool.


We are located in Vila Nova de Santo André, municipality of Santiago do Cacém, and we provide services across the entire Central and Southern regions, having a wide portfolio of national and international clients; we deal with both corporate and private clients who rely on our service and experience.


Our Services

 Water treatment
• Wells, drills, decalcification, deironing
• Bacteriological water treatments in wells and drills
• Drinking fountains for companies
• Vending machines (coffee and snacks)
• We install swimming pools and take care of their maintenance
• Coffee machines (capsules)

If you are looking for a specialist, call Lináguas! 


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Lináguas-Filtragem e Tratamento de Águas
Santo André - Lináguas

Water treatments and filtration. Vending. Managed by Virgolino S.C. Faria.